DWARF 53 acts as a repressor of strigolactone
signalling in rice (Nature 504: 401-405, 2013)
SLR1 inhibits MOC1 degradation to coordinate tiller number and plant height in rice
Zhigang Liao, Hong Yu, Jingbo Duan, Kun Yuan, Chaoji Yu, Xiangbing Meng, Liquan Kou, Mingjiang Chen, Yanhui Jing, Guifu Liu, Steven M. Smith, Jiayang Li

Nature Communications


The breeding of cereals with altered gibberellin (GA) signaling propelled the ‘Green Revolution’ by generating semidwarf plants with increased tiller number. The mechanism by which GAs promote shoot height has been studied extensively, but it is not known what causes the inverse relationship between plant height and tiller number. Here we show that rice tiller number regulator MONOCULM 1 (MOC1) is protected from degradation by binding to the DELLA protein SLENDER RICE 1 (SLR1). GAs trigger the degradation of SLR1, leading to stem elongation and also to the degradation of MOC1, and hence a decrease in tiller number. This discovery provides a molecular explanation for the coordinated control of plant height and tiller number in rice by GAs, SLR1 and MOC1.
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